Several Free Programs for Palm

There are several good free programs for Palm. Go to this link to check out:

Tip calculator – I haven’t used this one personally because I’ve been using Tipsy, which I explain in the next paragraph.

Another tip calculator called Tipsy, which I use for my home-based business. You can split the ticket in a restaurant between 40 different diners. I use it at a home show as each customers. I use the Tip portion as the shipping costs and the Tax for the tax. It allows you to put in several different tax and tip rates, so if shipping or tax rates are different, you can have several in there. In addition, you can tell it whether to figure tax on the tip or not, so it works great for my home-based business because my state does not charge tax on shipping, but I have other customers in a neighboring state that I do charge tax on the shipping (this is per State laws). This program lets me enter the amount of the item they are purchasing and automatically figures shipping and tax! This is really handy at a show when I am taking several orders at once, and I can even quickly rename the “diner” as Sue, Jane, Mary, etc.! In addition, the entire show order is being totaled on the right side of the screen, so I can always let the hostess know right away what her show and hostess benefits are! It is a very slick program!

Count Six – for scorekeeping and counting things. This would be great for a baseball game where you can keep track of each team’s score, the # of outs as well as the innings! Also good for volleyball, soccer and other sports. Another way you can use it is if you need to count how many people are coming to an event or something. All you have to do is touch the screen and it will count up! You can also have it count down, count by 2’s or something else!

Check other sites like: for a variety of free programs.

A word of caution: before you download free software, I suggest backing up your Palm. Also check to see what operating system it recommends. If you have a newer Palm and the program was only written for something older, it might not work properly on your Palm. Sometimes you have to do a hard reset of your Palm after deleting that program, so you will want to have a good backup first before you download software!

Another tip: if you want to download software that you have to purchase, most of them have a trial of 14-30 days. I highly recommend doing the trial first to be sure you like the software before you purchase it, otherwise you will spend a lot of money on software that you may not even like. Palm software is generally pretty inexepensive (about $30 or under), but you still want to be sure it is something that will help you! I have also found that many times I can find something free or less expensive that does the same thing if I search the internet long enough!


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