Palm Backup

If you have a Palm, you really should back it up regularly. If you lose power, or something just makes it act up, you might have to do a hard reset and could lose everything on it. First of all, make sure you regularly sync it to your PC. I purchased a back-up card for my 1st Palm, which I still use, but recently found a free program that does an automatic back-up to your SD card! You can set it up so that it rotates every few days. What I mean is that I have Backup A, B & C, and every day it rotates, first A, then B, then C so I always have the last 3 days’ backups to recover.

You can also do an instant backup at anytime you want to. I suggest before you load new software on, do the backup. Then if it messes up, you can restore to right before that.

NVBackup can only be used with certain Palm models, so be sure to read the directions. I have a Treo 650 and I can use it with that. If this program doesn’t work for your Palm, you can try Backup Buddy (have to purchase) or another type of program. Do a google search to find them.


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