Preferences & Options in Palm

Preferences and Options in Palm

If you want to check preferences of ANY of the Palm software, be in that program and then click on the top blue bar where the name of the program is, and it will drop down menus (just like at the top of Word or an internet page). There will almost always be a Preferences or Options command there.There is also a Preferences command on there. I have moved mine to the category Favorites. To find it, click on the arrow in the top right on the Home screen, and select All.

Also, within programs, you can select the preferences if you have an icon near your graffiti writing area that looks like a list.

To MOVE programs to a different category, be on the Home page, click on the top menu bar and have it drop down. Select Category and it will give you a list of all the programs on the Palm and the current category they are in. You can change individual ones by selecting the arrow next to the category and selecting a different one.

This is the same menu you use to DELETE software from the Palm (be sure you want to first!!), COPY something (to an SD card), or BEAM the software to another Palm user!

On the main Preferences icon, you can also change the buttons that go directly to specific programs. For example, you have a button that takes you right to the calendar, another that takes you right to addresses, etc. Say you have another program that you want to be on that quick button … just go to Preferences>Personal>Buttons and select a different one to be linked to that key!


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