Syncing the Palm — Tips & Tricks

This is an explanation of how the Palm and PC match information (sync). I will give you tips on what to do if it isn’t matching, or if you “mess up” one of them (say the Palm) and want to let the PC overwrite it to correct it!

The Hotsync program puts a small red & blue circle with arrows in the tray by your clock on the bottom right of your PC. In order to make these changes, you need to Right click on that icon. Then click “Custom.”

On that screen you can see how your Palm & PC will sync. These are the default settings. It will list the programs like Calendar, Addresses, To Dos, etc. on the left, and then one of these next to it: do nothing, desktop overwrites handheld, or handheld overwrites desktop, or synchronize the files.

Ok, say you messed up your PDA, and deleted someone’s address, or erased some calendar entries. If you sync the normal way, it will be deleted from your PC also. In this case, you want to click on the Address line so it is blue, and then click on “change”. Select “desktop overwrites handheld” and OK.

Sync your Palm, and it will fix the information!

NOW .. what you just did is a ONE TIME ONLY thing! After you sync, it will go back to the default setting automatically!

But, say you want to change something ALL the time. For example, if your hotsync says the handheld overwrites the desktop for addresses and you make a change on your PDA, the next time you sync, it will be gone. To change the DEFAULT setting (to synchronize the files), do the above … right click on hotsync icon, go to Custom, click on Address and Change. Select sync the files, and THEN below that, click the box that says “set as default.”

From now on, it will be set to that setting.

One thing I found, some people have 2 sets of entries, and one will say Do Nothing, and the other sync. This is the difference:

Palm Desktop and Outlook have 2 different names for the same thing:
To Do


So if you use Palm desktop, all the above should say “syncronize files” and the Outlook ones should say Do Nothing.


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