Trillian – 1 program to chat on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ

I found this program a couple of months ago and love it! Since friends use different Chat services, you have to have several programs running in order to chat with everyone. This program lets you open your AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo messenger and ICQ chat programs with one program! You can ALSO see all the mail you get in different emails!

With one click, you can put all “away” or sign on or off all of them! It puts a colored dot in front of each buddy name, yellow for AIM, blue for MSN, etc.

Another great feature is that you can rename the buddies to a name you recognize! I know you can’t do that on AIM, but I believe you can do it on Yahoo. This really helps you you have many people in your buddy list and you can’t remember all their screen names!!

You can read about it, see screen shots & download this free program here:


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  1. very goooooooooooood

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