School issues with Type 1 diabetes

Many people have problems with their schools not allowing blood sugar testing in the classroom, not having a trained person to give shots, allowing students to go to the nurse’s office alone with a low blood sugar (should NEVER do that!) and many other issues. There is a great publication called Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel. You can read this online and save the PDF file to your computer. You can also request a free copy from the Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Many parents prepare a Section 504 plan for their student with Type 1 diabetes. This is protection under Federal laws that allow accommodations for your child without discrimination. For example, if your child has to miss a lot of school when their blood sugars are really out of range, or if they have DKA problems, you can have exceptions to tardiness or being counted absent or truent built into their 504 plan. See this and this on Americans with Disabilities Act. Also see examples of 504 plans.


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