Palm as Home Notebook

Many organization websites recommend having a central place to keep all of your information like calendar, address book, task list and notes.  A Palm is a great way to have all this information in one place and the advantage is that it can also go with you.  If you carry a planner, everything in there can be put in a Palm.  It is a small unit and can hold thousands of addresses, calendar appointments, tasks and memos!

Another recommendation is to use one calendar.   You can assign categories to your calendar items so you can look at only work or only home or only one person in your family’s items, or all of them at once.  On my calendar, I only put specific appointments or events and birthdays/anniversaries (as an “untimed event” on that date, set to repeat yearly).

At the end of every month, I print a calendar for our refrigerator so that the whole family can see what is happening all month.  For my two boys, I put their 1st initial on the events so we can tell who has a game or practice.

If you need more information about the event, you can attach a Note to the calendar item.  Then if you print the month, it will show “DS – game F1” and the note might have more information like directions to the field, team they are playing, something extra we have to bring along, carpool info or whatever.  I use this a lot for hotel reservations.  On the date we are scheduled to arrive I have the hotel name, then attach a note with the address, phone #, directions, confirmation #, date reservation made, time we have to call to cancel, etc.  When I have plane reservations, I put times, flight numbers, seat # etc. all together either on the calendar or in a note attached to that date.

Tasks or To Do Lists:  I use this extensively!  There are so many things to remember, and putting it in my Palm helps me keep everything straight and not let things slip by!  I use the priority #s – 1 for things that must be done today, 2 for should do today, 3’s for less important, 4’s & 5’s for sometime in the future or today, but not high priority.  Most of the 4’s and 5’s are more of a reminder.  Tasks will automatically roll over to the next day and put a 1 or 2 in front of it for the number of days it is “overdue.”  You can also have a task that you don’t give a specific due date to.

Another thing you can print is your Address book.  Use this like your own Yellow Pages, print all or by category, then staple or 3-hole punch and keep it by your phone or desk.


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