Palm – viewing or hiding completed tasks

You can set your preferences for whether you want to see your completed Tasks or have them disappear when completed, and they can be the same or different on the Palm Desktop and Palm itself.  For example, on my Desktop, I do not want to see the completed tasks, but on my Palm, I have it save the completed tasks.  When I check it off, it stays on the date that I completed it because I checked the box that says “record completion date.”  The reason I like it on the Palm this way is it is my “diary” or “journal” of sorts, like if I call the insurance company about something, I will attach a note to the Task with the information about that call and check it off as completed.  It will then stay on the date I made that call and I can look back to it if I need to.  For general type of Tasks, I will go through my Palm later and manually delete the ones I don’t need to keep on there anymore.

On the Palm Desktop, go to Tasks, then Tools, Preferences and you can set to show completed items or not.  You can also have it record the completion date, or only show you the items that are due.  You can do these same things on the Palm itself by going to the top menu bar within the Task list and going to the “Show” button at the bottom next to “Details” and checking the boxes.

Another preference option is what order you want your Tasks to be sorted.  You can have it sorted by Priority, Category or Priority, Due Date.  Another option is Due Date then Priority or Category then Due Date.  You can experiment with how you would like it to sort for you.  Maybe you want all your Errands together by priority and do not care about the date they are due, or maybe you only want it by due date 1st and then priority.

The thing about the standard program that comes with the Palm is that it puts ALL the tasks in one list when you view it.  I could move ahead 10 days and the tasks that show up on that screen with the appointments (another setting in your View preferences), will show me all tasks starting with todays.  I don’t like this about the standard program, so I purchased Datebk5 several years ago.  This allows me to see that task ON the date I have it assigned and it also lets me set up repeating tasks.  So something like Financial, I have set up a repeat monthly task for pay phone bill or whatever.  I can have it repeat so many days after I check it off as finished (like changing the oil) or the 15th of every month, or the 3rd Wednesday of every month.  Datebk5 ALSO lets me set alarms on the Tasks, so I even set up repeating Tasks with an alarm at a set time and use it for an alarm clock!  You can’t do this with the standard program.

I have my preferences set to show me Tasks by Due Date, Priority – this shows me all the Tasks by when they are due and then in order, all the 1’s together, 2’s together, etc.  One note is that within all the 1’s, it will alphabetize them like “Call Dr.” will come before “Pay bills.”  If you want something to show up at the top of that list, then a couple of tricks I use is either put the letter A or a space or a 1 at the beginning like this:  ” call Dr.” or “1 call Dr.”  This is just if I would like a 1 priority item to stay at the very top of the 1’s, like “Vacuum” when I know it would go to the bottom of the 1’s.  (This sounds confusing, but after you use a Palm for awhile, you might have a need for this if you Task list is long!)

Memos:  One preference for this is to have the memos show up in the “Order on Handheld” or alphabetical order.  Since I have a LOT of memos, I usually prefer to have them stay in the order I have them on the handheld, and if you have one you want to stay at the top, just click on the memo with the stylus and drag it up to the top of the list!

On the Palm you can use the side and bottom “scroll bars” just like on a PC.  Just use the stylus and put it on the right side and drag up or down to move the page up or down.  Some Palms have a “5 way navigator” that you can click on or hold down to have the screen go in the direction you want.

My basic suggestion is to play around with the Preferences until you find something that works well for you!  If you change it and don’t like it, you can always change it back!


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