Finding foods in USDA food list for Palm

You can get the USDA food list here. To look at it online go here, or download this searchable list to your computer or Palm PDA. Use the “pcs18.exe” for the PC and the “pda18.exe” for the Palm. There is also a user’s manual for either one that you can download to your computer.

First be sure to leave the USDA program on the Palm. It will not work on a memory card. To navigate in the program, with the PDA stylus, click on the icon to open it. Next click anywhere in the center of the program window. This will bring up a screen that says USDA Food Search at the top, the next line says Name contains:______ and the cursor will be there blinging, and a Find button at the end of that line, and under that will say Food Groups:.

At this screen you can begin a search several ways. If you want to just put the food name there, you can do that. I have a Treo so mine has a built-on keyboard and I just type the food name. If you have a graffiti writing area, you can just start writing there. Otherwise, you can go to the food group and manually search through the different cateogories.

When you are looking up a food, you will have a very LONG list that comes up. It may be broken down into categories like fast foods, baked, snacks, etc. and there may be 1 or 30 items in each of these categories. Select the one that is closest to what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for apple, it may be pie in the baked foods, or juice in the beverages, or raw apples in the fruits. Otherwise, you can always say “all.” After you click on the general category, find in that list what is closest to your item. It may show specific brands or at a specific restaurant, but if you do not know, you can check several for comparisons or select one that is the closest to what you have.

So after you select your food item, now you have a screen that shows a few more choices. It may say 1 serving, or small, medium or large, it may show in a measurement like 1 cup, and it will show “100 grams edible portion.” If you use carb factors to weigh items, this is the one you want to look at. If you are in a restaurant, then you would want the 1 serving size because it will tell you the amount of carbs.

100 grams edible portion will have a number like 68.3. The carb factor of that is how many carbs are in each ONE gram, so you need to move the decimal 2 places to the left, or .683 in this case.

After you look at the food item, it may not be exactly what you wanted. Instead of starting over, look at the top and use the “back” arrow to go back one screen at a time.


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  1. Awesome, I finally discovered a blog about this! I was daydreaming about it yesterday (well technically night time dreaming because it was night time lol) and now I discover this post. Coincidence alright. Might be checking back again!

  2. I’ve been reading the infroamtion on your site for quite some time now, just wanted to do a quick post and say thank you for all of the useful information you have been providing your readers all this time.

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