PDA hard or soft reset instructions

Sometimes you have to reboot the PDA if something isn’t working right and it is acting really strange!  Usually a soft reset will just clear that problem and not wipe things off the unit, but sometimes you will not be able to fix the problem (like an endless loop of rebooting on it’s own) and you will have to do a hard reset.

If at all possible, first try to hotsync the Palm so that you won’t lose any information.   This won’t be possible if it is doing an endless loop thing, you will just have to do a hard reset.  This is one reason it is very important to hotsync regularly and do a backup of some sort as often as possible.

To do a “soft reset,” you have to find the very small hole on the back of the PDA, and use your stylus to press in it.  Sometimes the stylus doesn’t fit, so you have to turn either the pointing end or other end off (like a screw), and there will be a tiny thing inside of that to poke with.  (Sorry, this is kind of hard to describe!)  Anyway, turn off the PDA and press the stylus or smaller deal in that hole on the back for a few seconds until you see the unit turn off and show the beginning “palm” logo on the front, stop pressing and it will reboot.

To do a “hard reset,” you need to turn the unit off, then poke and hold the stylus thing in the hole on the back.  While you are holding it, you turn the unit back on.  It will ask you if you really want to wipe it all off and start over.  This should restore the unit to factory settings, and you will have to reload all of your information and software on it.

Note:  When you have a clean Palm and want to restore your info to it, follow these steps before you hotsync.  It SHOULD just synchronize and put your info from the PC onto the Palm, but you don’t want to take a chance and have the empty data wipe out your PC info, so what I personally recommend and do is the following (before you hotsync):

In the bottom right of the screen of the PC (by the clock), find the blue and red circle hotsync icon.  Right click on that and select Custom.  Go through each individual program (contacts, addresses, tasks, memos, etc.) and click on the line one at a time, then change it to “desktop overwrites handheld.”  Do not tell it to make this the default, just select it.  When you have changed them all, then sync the PDA.  This should put all the data back on the PDA.  Your hotsync settings will go back to the default setting (synchronize the files).


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