A Lifetime of Diabetes

I just saw a link to a wonderful picture project! It is called A Lifetime of Diabetesby Teresa Ollila. First read about this project, then view the pictures. This is really a great depiction of what children deal with every hour of every day once they are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This never ends, there has to be a constant awareness of what their blood sugar is at all times, and shots or insulin pump corrections for high blood sugar and eating or drinking carbs to correct lows. We take for granted what our body does naturally and so perfectly, until someone in our family is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

People with Type 1 diabetes live a normal life – they go to school, compete in sports and academic achievements – but they can’t ignore their disease for more than an hour or two at a time. Parents especially become exhausted with caring and worrying about their child, especially when the child is so very young that they cannot do any of their own care or even tell their parents how they feel. It is scary sending our children to school, where many people have no idea that ignoring symptoms of high or low blood sugar can be fatal. Some parents have more than one child with Type 1 diabetes, and it is overwhelming!

The diagnosis can come at any age, from newborns through adulthood. No one can live without insulin. Type 1 diabetes is caused by the immune system attacking the cells that produce insulin. No one can prevent it and it is not caused by anything we do or what we eat. The cause is still unknown.

There are many scientific research projects going on and many are very close to finding a cure for Type 1! We hope it will be very soon so our kids do not have to go through this daily struggle for the rest of their lives. But until that day … we have HOPE!


ADA Tips for Teachers handout

Today I received the American Diabetes Association newsletter.  There was a link to this pdf document called “Tips for Teachers of Students with Diabetes.”  If you have a student with Type 1 diabetes, I encourage you to print this out for your child’s teachers and school staff, bus driver, coaches and other organizations your child is involved in.  Since it is a PDF file, you can easily email it to someone also.  I am saving this file to my computer so I always have it available!

Excel Blood Glucose Log sheet

I created a Blood Glucose Log Sheet for Excel that has a column for all 24 hours of the day. This allows you to spot trends at the same time of day. One week fits on the sheet. There are directions on the 1st sheet that tell how to change the date automatically, etc. You can download it here.

REVISED: This is a PDF copy you can print and use to write on. blood-glucose-log.pdf

EXCEL sheet: (Google Document)

REVISED Carb Factor files

I found out there were some errors in the Carb Factor Food list, and I also added a few things that were not in it.  You can find the revised files in this blog entry.

Organizational TV shows

I have a couple of TV shows that I like to watch because they show you how to take a cluttered room and organize it, and they have good storage ideas.  One of these is “Mission Organization” on HGTV and the other is “Clean Sweep” on TLC.  I just heard about another show called “Neat” and they have a really good website with great organization tips and past season’s episodes “before” and “after” pictures.  I did a search of TV shows and it looks like it might be on TLC, but there aren’t any episodes schedule right now.


Here is another great website for looking up food nutrition information, NutritionData.com.  After you look up a food, scroll to the bottom of the screen and convert the weight to grams or ounces and easily figure out the carb factor.  There are many popular restaurant foods listed as well.

On the website, there is an option to add this to your Firefox search box.  I’ve also got CalorieKing.com on my toolbar so I can quickly enter a food to look it up.

Here again is a link to an article that explains how to use Carb Factors and a food scale.


For anyone who has been looking to get Datebk6 for their PDA, it is on sale right now for $23.95 from PalmGear.com. I have used Datebk5 for about 6 years and love it, and I just got an email that I can upgrade to Datebk6 for $12.95, so if you already have Datebk5, you should check into that upgrade directly from PimlicoSoftware.com.

After using it for one day, here are a few new features that I like:

The Today screen!

The fact that you can assign an icon to a category and it AUTOMATICALLY puts it in there when you assign a To Do to that category, instead of having to manually put in the icon, which I thought was a useless activity!

When you check off To Do’s, it will create a “Daily Journal” and adds these completed tasks to a running list!

I am sure there are many more new features I haven’t explored yet, but so far I like it!