For anyone who has been looking to get Datebk6 for their PDA, it is on sale right now for $23.95 from I have used Datebk5 for about 6 years and love it, and I just got an email that I can upgrade to Datebk6 for $12.95, so if you already have Datebk5, you should check into that upgrade directly from

After using it for one day, here are a few new features that I like:

The Today screen!

The fact that you can assign an icon to a category and it AUTOMATICALLY puts it in there when you assign a To Do to that category, instead of having to manually put in the icon, which I thought was a useless activity!

When you check off To Do’s, it will create a “Daily Journal” and adds these completed tasks to a running list!

I am sure there are many more new features I haven’t explored yet, but so far I like it!


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