PDA Backup

I lost all the information on my Palm a few years ago.  Even though I diligently sync with my PC, the PC file also go corrupted because of some software I was trying out.  This caused me to lose everything.  I then bought a backup card and regularly backed up to that as well as the PC.  There is another program called Backup Buddy that you can set up automatic backups to your card.

A few months ago, I found a free program called NVBackup 1.17 and you can set up automatic backups at a set time every day.  I have mine rotate between 3 files, so every third day it writes over the 1st file again.  This has been a life saver a couple of times already when I accidently deleted a program file when I was cleaning things up on my Palm, so I could just restore right from the SD card in my Palm.

NVBackup is a FREE program, but read the directions because it only works on certain Palm models.  I have a Treo 650.  You can download it here.