Medic Alert items

Here is a link to several kinds of medic alert bracelets.  Several different types are available and great prices!


Unmounting Rubber Stamps project

I searched the internet for instructions on how to take my stamps off the wood blocks and save them in a smaller area. There are instructions out there, but it can be difficult to find! You can buy sheets of unmounted stamps much cheaper than pre-mounted on wood blocks. I have collected a fair amount of stamps over the last 10 years or so and it was taking up a lot of space. Not only that, but I had to keep them in another room from my scrapbook area because I did not have room for them there. I wasn’t using them much because it was too much trouble to get them out!

Last week I started converting my stamps to unmounted ones. I thought I’d try to take them off the blocks and they came off very easily. I have a few that I bought in stores or non-Stampin Up ones that were a bit harder to get off the blocks and I may have to use the microwave for a few seconds and then get a sheet of EZMount (highly recommended). But the majority of mine came off and stuck very well to the window cling sheets I bought at a local office store (these can be used in an inkjet printer).

Here is a link to the pictures I took of the process. The instructions or descriptions are with each picture. Unmounted Stamps visual. (You can view this as a slideshow or individual pictures. You can adjust the speed of the slideshow by changing the amount of time between pictures. )


Two other ways to store unmounted stamps with cling on the back would be a 3-ring binder and cardstock in page protectors. They cling well to the page protectors. I also experimented and this worked: put packing tape on an index card and they cling to that as well. You may want to tape several cards together to make them stiffer.If you buy a sheet of unmounted stamps (a lot cheaper than premounted stamps), you will have to purchase EZMount foam/cling sheets to adhere your stamps. A great website for that is Sunday International.

I also watched a video on YouTube with instructions for using EZMount. Here is another video for storage in CD cases. Here is another picture of CD stamp storage. This website shows many different methods of storing unmounted stamps.


I just learned about this FREE program. You can find it here.  Watch the demo online and see if it is something you can use!