Idea to store rubber stamps

EDIT: Here is another neat idea for storing wood block stamps in hinged lid plastic boxes. You get a set of 3 boxes for $8!  Here’s a picture.

Feb. 14, 2007 – I’ve been rearranging my craft room and have been trying to find a different way to store my rubber stamps. I was using the clear boxes but it is a bit bulky to store and takes up most of a storage cabinet, so I’ve been looking at trays or something like that. I already have them separated by categories (Christmas, Snowmen, Birthday, Kids, Sayings, etc.)

I think I have found an inexpensive solution! Go to Oriental Trading and see these trays! These are like the trays at restaurants, and you can get 6 (variety of colors) for $9.95, which is $1.65 each! I have some trays like this that I use for company, so I tried it and each tray will hold about 15-20 2″ square stamps, and then you can set another tray on top of it. I plan to put a label on the edge of the tray for the category. Then when I’m using them, I can take just the trays that apply for that project.

Another thing you can get from Oriental Trading is the turning organizer for pens, scissors, tape runner, etc. for $14.95. They have 12 x 12 stacking trays for $3.95! They have tons of scrapbooking things!


3 Responses

  1. Cool looking trays. But do you just stack the trays of stamps on top of each other or do you put ‘spacers’between them?

  2. The stamps themselves are the spacers! My stamps are wood mounted ones, so it separates the trays by about an inch. I thought about just using heavy cardboard or something, but that doesn’t have sides on it like the trays do to keep the stamps from falling off.

  3. […] Blogger Butterfly Gail has a use for luncheon serving trays: rubber stamp storage. […]

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