Digital Photo program

I would like to give a big applause for the free Google Picasa2 program.  I have been using this for over a year now and it is really easy to download pictures from my digital camera SD card (I have a card reader slot on my PC).  I can then very easily share select pictures by email or upload them to a web album (on Google, also free).  The web albums can be kept private or made public.  If you keep them private, you can still share the link with those you want to and they do not need a password to view your pictures.  If they want to order prints from your pictures, they can do so right from your album!Once you share the album link, your friends or family can view individual pictures or view them in a slideshow. Too see a good example of how it works, here is a link to one of my albums, which I have already talking about on my blog (Unmounted Stamps).

I name my folders by the event or date.  I also recently discovered that not only can I keep my pictures in the folders as I downloaded them originally but I can ALSO copy certain pictures and put them into their own album!  I did an album of all the pictures of our dog and kept the originals with the other events and dates when they were taken.

Another plus of this program is that you can make a Gift CD or burn a CD of your pictures to make a backup.   Other advantages are being able to crop, remove red eye, change the picture to several different colors like sepia or black & white, change lighting, etc.  I always do all my cropping and editing on the computer at home and then copy the pictures that I want onto a CD to take to the store to get prints made.  You also have the option to upload them directly from Picasa2 to a place online to have them developed, or print them yourselves with the choice of an 8×10, 2 5×7’s, down to wallets, etc.

With your photo database, you can watch a slideshow, make a collage, put captions on them, get prints made, edit and backup to a CD!  It’s a GREAT FREE program!


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