A few years ago I heard a speaker who made cooking easier. She had several mixes made up and then recipes that used those mixes to prepare different foods, which helps save time preparing meals. I found a website that has several of these mixes on it, plus other great tips! It is called found here.

Also last week I went to a Tastefully Simple party and had the beer bread again, which is SO yummy and I ordered some. Tonight I was surfing the web about something else and came across a post that someone made their own for a fraction of the cost and it tastes just like the TS beer bread! I did a google search came up with several recipes online for this, all very similar, but the one that seemed to have the most comments that it tastes very similar to TS’s is found at at this link. I can’t wait to try it, especially with all the different variations like cheesy, garlic, dill, onion, Italian seasoning, and even sweeter versions such as brown sugar & cinnamon, applesauce or 1 tsp. of vanilla & 1 tsp. of ground allspice!

It’s getting to be fall when we have more soups or get togethers with appetizers, and this bread is so yummy with dips!


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