Menus 4 Moms


I have struggled for years with planning a menu and cooking. I was a little better at it when I was a stay at home mom, but since I work now, I’m just terrible about it! My teen boys are also a bit TOO picky, so that doesn’t help my cooking plans either.

Several months ago (maybe a year?), I found a neat website, Menus 4 Moms, that has a free weekly menu, shopping list and recipes!


You can sign up to get this weekly email and it gives you everything you need to make meals for your family! Even though I’ve had this great resource, I have not been good about using it, and now I’m going to get busy and try it!

They also have a great area on freezer meals with lots of great articles and book resources, so that you can make several items when you have time and freeze them for nights when you are short on time. This is another plan I’ve been wanting to do for YEARS! It doesn’t even have to be overly complicated or time consuming like Once a Month Cooking, just triple the recipe you are making anyway. Eat one that night and freeze the other two for later dates. If you did this for 10 days, you would have 20 more meals in the freezer – that is a month’s worth! If you do this regularly, you can have a variety of foods in the freezer so you aren’t just eating the same 10 things on a rotating basis.

One thing I have used over the years is to get hamburger in big packages (5 or 10 pounds) and brown it all at once, let it cool slightly and put about 2 cups of browned meat into ziplock bags, flatten them and zip shut, mark with the date and freeze. This saves a huge amount of time and mess later! I can take a package of frozen meat and thaw it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and it is ready to add to spaghetti or casseroles.


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