Google Reader

I found another neat online tool the other day. You can use Google Reader to put your favorite blogs in and then go there and see ALL the ones that are updated at once! Instead of jumping all over the web or putting dozens of blogs into your Favorites, you can put them in Google Reader and look at them all in ONE PLACE!

This is so cool! I am really finding neat things with Google –

* I’ve been using Gmail for awhile now and I like all my replies kept with the original message, and when I look at a contact, all the messages to/from them are right there with their name!

* Picasa for pictures and if I upload to the web, the album can be kept private for only those I want to share with or made public. But I can see ALL of my uploaded albums by accessing my Google account from any computer!

* Bookmarks saved online and you can categorize however you want and access them from any computer!

* Google Reader for your favorite blogs, for a quick read/update of all

* Google Docs – you can upload a document or spreadsheet and access from any computer, and also choose if you want to share it or not!

* Blogs – you can access your own blog from your account as well.

I’m sure there are more things I haven’t even discovered yet!


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