IRS says it’s OK to go paperless!

I just read a post in a blog that referenced this IRS publication. The IRS is recommending scanning your important documents and saving them to a CD or DVD, preferably in a safe location away from your own home or office. I have been scanning my papers for the last year or so. I did check with my tax preparer last year if this was OK and she said it is.

When I started doing this, I decided that it was safer than a stack of paper records which could be damaged by water, fire or just lost or misplaced. They can also be searched a little easier if you convert your PDF files to a searchable PDF with OCR (optical character recognition) software. There are many options for this also.

Recently I have been reading about storing or backing up your PC to a secure online website. This may be another option as long as they are very secure and safe, but I would still have my own DVD backups kept in a safe place.


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  1. Great idea! Can you recommend a good secure online website?


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