Free Ringtones

I have known about Phonezoo for a long time, but could never get it to work with a Palm Treo. Well, I know how now and I’m enjoying being able to use more than the few standard Treo ringtones!

First set up your account and verify your phone.  My son sends sets it up to go to an Envy instead of a Palm, and that works. Next, save the text message as a sound, which will save it as a Voice Memo.

Next open the Voice Memo program on the Palm Treo and play the sound. Click on the preferences button on the phone while it’s playing and select “copy to ringtones”. Now when you look at your list of ringtone choices, you can select from the free ones you downloaded!

You can save them as calendar reminders, text message alerts or phone calls!  On the Treo 700p, you can assign different ring tones to specific people and even have a picture of them come up with their call!


Google Notebook

Another feature of the Gmail account is Google Notebook. This is very handy, too!  If you are researching something, just copy and paste the article to a Google Notebook. You can have as many different subjects as you would like. Research for a vacation, remodeling your home, work research projects, etc. can all be put into their own Notebook. You can then print the whole thing or make a PDF of it, or share a particular notebook with someone else!

The nice thing is, again, it is stored online.  You can log onto your Notebook from ANY computer by logging into your Gmail account!

Google Docs & Survey Forms

Along with having a Gmail account, you can use Google Docs, allowing you to upload or create word documents, spreadsheets, etc.   A feature I just learned about is the ability to create a survey and email that survey to people. When they answer the questions, it automatically puts their answers into a spreadsheet, which you can then use to review the replies, or even use the data to create a mailing list or mail merge document, etc.!

If you share the link of your document with someone else and give them permission to access it, they can make revisions to the same document instead of emailing changes back and forth to each other.

Instead of taking a flash drive back & forth, just upload the document to Google Docs and then retrieve it online! It is all safe & secure and stored off-site in case you have a computer crash.

Gmail Task List!

I have been a Gmail user for at least two years and like it more and more the longer I use it! I also use Firefox for my Internet browser. I like all the tools you can add to it to make it more customized to what you use!

A couple of days ago, I discovered that Gmail now has a Task List! It “docks” right in your email and you can pop it out. I have been wanting something easy to use at work for the many, many little things that have to be done. I jot a note, try a To Do list and always seem to lose the paper, etc.! This works so handy! I can even have a separate list for home and work and switch back and forth. If I’m at home and think of something I need to do at work, I can just add it to my Task List and not worry about it until I’m at work!

It is very easy to add a task, check it off, delete it, edit it, and use Control Up or Down arrow to change the order!  I’m sure there are more things it can do that I haven’t even discovered yet!

I discovered ANOTHER really neat thing it will do! When you are reading an email and you want to remind yourself to follow up on it, just click the drop-down box in gmail and select “add to Tasks”! You can assign a date to it or just put it there. It automatically puts a link to the original email in the Task! SWEET!

I also really like the new “themes” for the Gmail background! It makes it less boring!

Chat Program

I used to use Trillian, but found a new program I like better! It’s called Digsby! This lets you use AIM, MSN, Yahoo, google talk and Facebook – all in ONE program!