Gmail Task List!

I have been a Gmail user for at least two years and like it more and more the longer I use it! I also use Firefox for my Internet browser. I like all the tools you can add to it to make it more customized to what you use!

A couple of days ago, I discovered that Gmail now has a Task List! It “docks” right in your email and you can pop it out. I have been wanting something easy to use at work for the many, many little things that have to be done. I jot a note, try a To Do list and always seem to lose the paper, etc.! This works so handy! I can even have a separate list for home and work and switch back and forth. If I’m at home and think of something I need to do at work, I can just add it to my Task List and not worry about it until I’m at work!

It is very easy to add a task, check it off, delete it, edit it, and use Control Up or Down arrow to change the order!  I’m sure there are more things it can do that I haven’t even discovered yet!

I discovered ANOTHER really neat thing it will do! When you are reading an email and you want to remind yourself to follow up on it, just click the drop-down box in gmail and select “add to Tasks”! You can assign a date to it or just put it there. It automatically puts a link to the original email in the Task! SWEET!

I also really like the new “themes” for the Gmail background! It makes it less boring!


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