Free Ringtones

I have known about Phonezoo for a long time, but could never get it to work with a Palm Treo. Well, I know how now and I’m enjoying being able to use more than the few standard Treo ringtones!

First set up your account and verify your phone.  My son sends sets it up to go to an Envy instead of a Palm, and that works. Next, save the text message as a sound, which will save it as a Voice Memo.

Next open the Voice Memo program on the Palm Treo and play the sound. Click on the preferences button on the phone while it’s playing and select “copy to ringtones”. Now when you look at your list of ringtone choices, you can select from the free ones you downloaded!

You can save them as calendar reminders, text message alerts or phone calls!  On the Treo 700p, you can assign different ring tones to specific people and even have a picture of them come up with their call!


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