I have been a scrapbooker for about 13 years. It is a hobby I really enjoy! I love taking pictures and creating memory books for myself and my boys. I also enjoy reading tips online and seeing other people’s scrapbook rooms, in my quest to be more organized!

The biggest organizational challenge I have accomplished lately is to Unmount my Rubber Stamps. I posted this on my blog back in June and that post alone has brought a lot of traffic to my blog!

Unmounting Rubber Stamps


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  1. Gail,
    Thanks so much for the very detailed information. I found your site by mistake – well, I’m sure I was meant to find it – but I was looking for comic book scrapbooks. I love your idea to take the rubber stamp off the block. I have put wood blocks in the microwave for 10 seconds before to loosen the stamp and readjust it to make it straight, so I know that works too. I use the cd holders already for the cling stamps and for my TAC stamps which are rubber but on the foam cling. I do the same thing for the images except I stamp them on a piece of paper and then insert it in the label slot. It works great. Takes up little space and I am very limited on that where I live now. Where do I get the window cling sheets? Is it a Staples brand?

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