Importing Mail from Outlook to Gmail

A little over a year ago, my Outlook program started acting up, at least to import MSN mail.  MSN had changed their settings to make it more difficult to use Outlook.  Since I receive a lot of email, I didn’t want to leave it all on the website and preferred to organize it in my folders, etc.

I had signed up for a gmail account much earlier but didn’t really use it.  Then this spring I decided to start using it more and now I really love it!  Since there is plenty of storage, I can save all my old emails and it is very quick and easy to do a search and find things back, etc.

I didn’t want to lose some of my old email that has been sitting in my Outlook program.  I’ve had computers crash before, so now the idea of keeping them online is appealing.  I was looking for a way to send all my old Outlook emails to Gmail, but still keep the original dates intact.  Plus, with hundreds of emails in lots of different folders, I didn’t want to start forwarding each one individually!

I found some things online that you could download and then import, but that didn’t work.  Now I found a great explanation and it worked!!  Here’s the blog that explains it!


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